Monday, 30 December 2013

Hearty affairs

That day Mr. Heart suffered from a massive heart attack.
I went to Mrs.Heart to console her. She was crying awfully.
I wanted to console her and say some comforting stuff.
But all I managed to ask was 'What was the cause?'
Through her teary eyes, she looked at me and said cholesterol.
But its always the third person who knows the complete truth rather than the other two person involved.
And here, I knew the truth !
Actually, Mr.Heart had some hearty affairs.
It all started with his big pointed nose which he poked in every damn business around him possible. When somewhere he would make a new female friend, his pokey nose would smell some excessive feelings there and would start cooking love biryani. Other times when he wouldn't get a properly formed sentence as his reply,he would spend day and night thinking about what he did wrong. When he couldn't pinpoint any such reason, he would start pinpointing mistakes his texting friend did to him.
Well, this continued for a while.
 However, one day the little diaper wearing baby shot an arrow towards him. It was meant to be a murder, but somehow that arrow hooked him to Mrs.Heart.
Mrs.Heart loved cheeseburst pizzas. And the very next moment that cheeseburst pizza became his symbol of love.
This cheesy love went on for quite some time.
During this time, Mr&MrsHeart got married.
One fine day Mrs.Heart found out that Mr.Heart had liked a picture of his female colleague. She whatsapped him 'liking other girl's pic ehh?'
Mr.heart got worried - his pokey nose after marriage had transformed into a highly alert intuition. He knew she wouldn't be happy. So, he started liking pics on instagram. But you know what they say, 'a cheesy person always slips on his own cheese' and so did he.
Mrs.Heart found that out to. She was stalker 5673456 level qualified professional player. That day around 11am she again whatsapped him, 'WE NEED TO TALK'.
Mr.Heart couldn't take this stress.
And hence he suffered a massive heart attack.
Coming back to reality, I heard her saying - 'can you believe them Mr.Brain, cholesterol caused him a heart attack ! He never had cheese in his entire life.'
I nodded, although my inner voice had a different opinion - Cheesy Love!


  1. My God..........I feel like tht Mrs Heart. I need to save Mr Heart. :P

    1. Wait do you have a Mr.Heart?! :P

      p.s. I just started a new blog, visit that too. :)

  2. OMG!! Hidden messages in a story I can't piece together :O

    Anyway, I love Dominos' Cheese Burst Pizzas too!!!

    Updated my blog twice since the last month. Do drop by.

    Cheese....erm...Cheers :p,

    1. Thankuu for dropping in and reading :) and yeah would be checking your blog for sure!
      p.s. got a new blog Do stop by. :)