Monday, 30 December 2013

Hearty affairs

That day Mr. Heart suffered from a massive heart attack.
I went to Mrs.Heart to console her. She was crying awfully.
I wanted to console her and say some comforting stuff.
But all I managed to ask was 'What was the cause?'
Through her teary eyes, she looked at me and said cholesterol.
But its always the third person who knows the complete truth rather than the other two person involved.
And here, I knew the truth !
Actually, Mr.Heart had some hearty affairs.
It all started with his big pointed nose which he poked in every damn business around him possible. When somewhere he would make a new female friend, his pokey nose would smell some excessive feelings there and would start cooking love biryani. Other times when he wouldn't get a properly formed sentence as his reply,he would spend day and night thinking about what he did wrong. When he couldn't pinpoint any such reason, he would start pinpointing mistakes his texting friend did to him.
Well, this continued for a while.
 However, one day the little diaper wearing baby shot an arrow towards him. It was meant to be a murder, but somehow that arrow hooked him to Mrs.Heart.
Mrs.Heart loved cheeseburst pizzas. And the very next moment that cheeseburst pizza became his symbol of love.
This cheesy love went on for quite some time.
During this time, Mr&MrsHeart got married.
One fine day Mrs.Heart found out that Mr.Heart had liked a picture of his female colleague. She whatsapped him 'liking other girl's pic ehh?'
Mr.heart got worried - his pokey nose after marriage had transformed into a highly alert intuition. He knew she wouldn't be happy. So, he started liking pics on instagram. But you know what they say, 'a cheesy person always slips on his own cheese' and so did he.
Mrs.Heart found that out to. She was stalker 5673456 level qualified professional player. That day around 11am she again whatsapped him, 'WE NEED TO TALK'.
Mr.Heart couldn't take this stress.
And hence he suffered a massive heart attack.
Coming back to reality, I heard her saying - 'can you believe them Mr.Brain, cholesterol caused him a heart attack ! He never had cheese in his entire life.'
I nodded, although my inner voice had a different opinion - Cheesy Love!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Bas ho gaya..

Baarish ki boondon ko jab pakada..
toh khushi ko chune ka man hua.
 Chai ki piyali ko uthaya toh..
garmahat ka ehaas hua.
 Baccho ki hasi kaano par padi jaise hi..
toh bachpan ubhar kar saamne aaya..

Aur dekhtey hi dekhtey..
Kalam ki siyaahi se, dil ki farfarahat ko likhtey gaye..

Dheemi dheemi hawao ne,
jab khule baalo ko cheda..
'khubsurat ho tum' kehlana pasand aaya.
 Khule aasman mein,
garajtey baadlon ki jab jaate dekha..
pankh fadfadane ka dilkarta raha.

Khichi hui tasveero jab dekhne daude..
Khud ki harkato par thahake lagatey rahe.
Bas aise hi lamho ko mehsus kartey huye..
kalam ki siyaahi se panno par keidh kartey gaye..

Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I was slowly walking to that room - room 402, her room. It was dimly lit. I entered that room. White satin sheets were covering the bed.
I had been friends with her for an infinite time now. Different,cute,serene, wise,mature - almost everything that would make up a smart and an intelligent person. But she wasn't exactly pretty or sexy- one that is every guy's dream girl.
I was in that moment of attraction. 
Hadn't she not looked different then, it definitely would have been a moment of lust.She wore a cream saree, with a deep bareback blouse. She looked different, she looked beautiful. The room was beautiful and the ambiance was perfectly appropriate. Yet completely opposite for us. 
She was in there. 
She saw me and started saying something. Well, she had a master degree in jabbering you see. She looked into my eyes as I stepped closer...
I was now at an arm's distance from her. She fumbled a bit. It was surprising to see her nervous. The gap between the space of her collar bones deepened. I took a further step. Now, she was quiet. I felt that impulsiveness to hold her and seal that gap between her lips. But I held on to it. Instead, I kept looking at her, drinking her presence - her perfect hair done nothing with, her kohl eyes with clots on the end of the eyes, her oil-marked cheeks- I took in everything I could. 
And then she looked up. Her eyes were deep. I could feel she was touching my soul. My soul fluttered at that moment.
I knew now she wanted it too. She moved closer this time. Closed her eyes as she parted her lips again. My heart fluttered again. I couldn't believe, even though this wasn't my first, I felt completely raw. I took her by waist and sealed her.We both were vulnerable now...
The clock showed 12.15 am. The moment was mesmerizing, sitting by the window, watching the world sleep like wide awake inside.
I broke the silence.
I told her she looked beautiful. She rolled her eyes. 
Typical her. I knew a zillion things usually went on in her mind. But today there seemed to be a traffic jam. She had that paused distant look. Who knew this tombyish person could act girlie too.
And then she left. I knew when she would fall, the world would stop. Who knew the world to stop would be mine..

Monday, 12 August 2013

For you mom..

I clearly remember those blurring corridors and big flashlights. 
But the thing that amazed me the most was fast my mum could run! 
But like it is said, ' when it's a matter of heart, rest of the body doesn't mean a thing.'

I was in OT, fighting for my life. Well actually it was the doctors fighting for me, I was missing mum...wishing she would come and cuddle me up.
 I could see the desperation of doctor and sweat buds on their foreheads. They wanted to save me, well who wouldn't...I was the cutest kid in my entire colony!

And then the machine beeped monotonously.

It was irritating actually, listening that constant sound but it at least covered mum's shrieks, I couldn't bear to listen those.

I was crying seeing her.

If people could see me, I could have been titled as the 'first kid to cry on his own death.'
But I continued to cry, and so did she..
I don't clearly remember the funeral day, it was all fire and smoke. I was always scared of fire and allergic to smoke. Well, I wasn't able to avoid it during my life but in death, you are your own master !!

But the day when mum finally accepted that I had left her, the day she let my ashes to wind...I wanted her to listen to me for she was leaving my ashes to wind and soon this wind would take me everywhere it blows but it would never be away from her.

And the wind that blew that day certainly made her believe that, for she said, 'I know you're hugging me, behave yourself at least in heavens.'

 And I smiled while she hugged herself..

Sunday, 7 July 2013


It was my first time. 

Nervous I was like a kid - cold hands, wrenching stomach and sweaty forehead.

 He handed me his 'God'. I looked at his eyes - still like water, sparkling and constant. Those stillness of his eyes gave me confidence. 

I took it from him - his God. My shaky hands were ready now. 

I could feel inside me the leashed snake moving its tail. Sleaky - looking for something, searching. 

And I did it. His God was inside me.

Those snake eyes were looking at me, straight and without any confusion. I knew I was the target. The slow sleaky snake was unleashed now. It made its move. Its pace increased. It came closer and closer and closer and finally did it. 

I was inside.

And there I found solace...